Mar 29, 2011

A little peek into my jewellery making process :)

So start with a sketch, not always as neat as this :) sometimes I don't need to sketch prior to making I just see where the metal wants to take me.
In this sketch it shows the length of the wire needed to produce all the little wired components that will be attached around the base of the earrings.Next step cutting and soldering...

This is what is looks like after creating each little wired component and soldering them onto the base which is saw pierced out. The very white look is what happens after pickling. So now it needs a good clean up....

This is after the cleaning stage, one earring has been hand hammered, formed and domed, the other is still flat..

Soldering the tops of the earrings that will eventually articulate from the base.

Right before the polishing and assembly stage..


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